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A hyperlink's href is just a way to send your browser to another page without you having to type its URL into your browser's address bar.

To write a hyperlink, you work backwards, as follows :

  1. In browser, navigate to the Wikipedia page you want to link to (the Techniques entry).
  2. Select/Copy the url from the browser's address bar.
  3. In your text editor, Paste into the href="..." of an <a> tag (exactly as you have been doing).
  4. Save your file, then browse it in your browser.
  5. Click the link - it should take you back to the Wikipedia page where you started in Wikipedia.

There are many many good internet resources on this and related subjects. Try this for example.


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the link target href has to be defined by a 'name' attribute in the target page,
If you are attempting to hit a particular point on the target page, examine the link on that page and use that as your target, the target page may not be using the title you expect as the name attribute

note: the target does not reflect a word in the text, only a name attribute in a html element
ie on the target page

  • <span name='fred">Fred</span> can be reached by a link with the href #fred
  • <span name='title">Fred</span> cannot be reached by a link with the href #fred the href would be #title
  • <span>Fred</span> cannot be reached by a targeted link to the page, no name attribute

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