I want to get a PHP based stucture for a .csv file and then provide the information to a table in editable form...and then populate the database table with the values from editable table..
how can i do it?

Do you know how to read a file?
Do you know how to insert data in a database?
Do you know the structure of the file? If not: can you change the structure of the DB?
Do you know loops, string and other basic-php-stuff?

Instead of asking so many questions..a simple reply to my query would have been appreciated!!!
thanx nyways..

It is a simple reply to your question. I'm trying to find out what your current level of PHP is before I give you an answer. If you're going to act like a jerk, I'll keep my advice to myself.

All rite ...I am a beginner...just learnt few concepts of PHP in one month..

Ok time to learn about fileaccess in PHP. Start here. When you've read that, here a function you might need: fgetcsv(). At this point you should be able to read the data from a file into an array. Next you need to loop through it and insert it into a database

Thanx a ton...it was quite helpful...