hi everyone...........
i want to send sms from my wesite to moblie phone.....i dont knw how i do it?nd i dont have any guidance of experts.............. plz guide how can i do this.......
i read tutorial for this .....now i knw i need http protocol but how ?????????:-/:icon_question:

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Its a paid service, you require access to a mobile phone provider's system, which you pay for, and they provide a script to access
all the 'free' services are merely an advertiser's choice of method to keep you on their pages long enough to see their ads
contact a local mobile provider to arrange service


He is right, unless you are a hacker it will cost money.
and i dont suggest you even attempt getting it free as it can lead into a lot of trouble.
the cheapest option would probably be to rig it up with a program that works between your script and an actual phone number. rather than a 4440 or whatever. unless you choose to bill the people you send the message to which they will have to agree to first.
your mobile service provider will be able to provide you with more details


thanx almostbob,metalix

i really didnt know about it......... thnax


Your welcome.
if you want a cheap method. you can use php to send emails no problems. just remember to ask permission first or your site can be banned for spam.
there is also a way to send emails to cellphones that doesnt cost money and i am fairly certain it is legal but is complicated and you would have to find the appropriate freeware


I think the best way is to use any paid service for sending messages. It will safe and spare time also.

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