I had a question about a login system that i want to create.

I have SQL express 2005 with value's ( business name, passwords e.d. ). This system we use to fill in what we did at the company, and how much time we spend on it.
This system we want online, so we can fill it in everywhere. I al ready dit convert SQL 2005 in to php page's, but i also want a login system, because not all our college' are doing the same on a day with the same time. So the login must be different for my college and me ( i use other passwords for my clients e.d. ) so he may can't see that.

Is this an easy systeem or is it to hard, if it's not clear than it try it to explain more.


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Try here:

It is the tutorial I used to create a simple login area for a website.

I am now using MS SQL, and that is based on MY SQL.
I would like to use MS SQL and only that as a database, only i don't know what to put in the script for verify the username, password. And how i make a good login page, also 1 username may only see the this that are for him,

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