i have 3 diferent data base in 3 diferent languages, i need a script or a php cod theat take's the information form them
exempl : menu
romanian "Pagiana principala | Informatie"
rusian "Главная | Информация "
Englesh "Home | Information "

img exeple

please help im new in php programing thx

The last time I implemented a multilanguage website (English, French, Dutch) the varying language elements were held as meta data. Where data items were in different languages then these too had the language PK as part of their PK.

To add another language a complete set of the language elements were translated and inserted into a new record set with the language PK as part of their PK.

Note that this wasn't a translation system, the different language pieces had to be created and entered separately.

:( I understand but i dont now how to make this can you help ?

Rather than have text literals embedded in the PHP / HTML scripts, these items are held in a DB table. A LANGUAGE variable is initially set to the value of the default language. This variable is used within the key of the record when building the SELECT string to fetch the text for use as the required text literal in the PHP / HTML script.

So the basic meta data table would hold these columns.

Each time a text literal is required then the actual ROWID value and the value of the $LANGUAGE would be used to build the WHERE clause.

Of course holding more text value columns, and fetching all of these values together when building the page speeds the page build considerably, and eases the maintenance of the meta data.

but a scrypt to make this easier exist ?