I posted the same type of question for my one another jobs related site but still I have not got any solution. Now I have made one more jobs site and having the same issue so still looking for solution.

I am using wordpress at http://accounting-jobs-michigan.com. I am using permalinks to convert post title into Search engine friendly url. But if there any forward slash "/" in any post title then then url does not work. For example:


In above url post tile "*Accounting*-Manager-/-Supervisor---Accountemps-(Lansing,-MI)" you can see one forward slash which has been included in url so its not working.

I putted a code in .htaccess file to replace forward slash with "-" but in that case it replaced all forward slashes in url including necessary which come after http:// and after .com/ so it also gave me error.

I think this is due to how a "/" is seen by your operating system as part of a directory (the start and/or end of one). Wordpress sees each "/" as an increment in the post hierarchy.

So, can any one give me code which I have to put in .htaccess file to replace all forward slashes which come after .com/

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Do you mean to say I should use () instead of forward slash?

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