Hi all,
I need your help.I have a textbox and combox with button functioning completely as search option which is working fine. when i go to the next page and come back to the previous I want to retain the search condition which i selected previously.What I am doing now is ,displaying the complete database on load.So how do I retain the selected state.
I know that i need to use viewstate,or querystring or session.I want to use view state as it executes on client side.
please help me how to use view state in vb.net, any article or sample code is really appreciable

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I will suggest you to use Session variable only since it would be specific for the search by that particular user.


I have already tried and that..it will take the server memory...I wanted a client side execution..I was able to do it with the session buit I found that using the global varable i mean application was very much helpful and much easier..

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