HI everyone

I want to install joomla . but dont know how to do it.. i download from internet a zip folder., that contains files but i could nt find any setup in it...
plz guide me how i can install it using easy way

i tried it from so many days...
thanx in advance

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Who's your web host? They quite often have script installers on their control panel that will help you.

Otherwise, extract all files and upload them to your server through FTP, then head to the main page of your site in a browser and it should prompt you with what to do.


Extract the zip files, Don't change any structure of the folder. If it is a single folder then just upload that file into the ftp (or) if contains, more than one folder. Then create a folder with any name (joomla) on ftp and upload all the contents into that folder. Then come to the installation part. Run the files as you run your localhost php files.

http://localhost/joomla - from localhost
http://ipaddress/joomla - from server

After enter the url you will get the homepage of joomla and guide you thru for the installation...


Just upload the downloaded zip into FTP, using CPANEL..extract the uploaded zip file, then start using it.... :)

Using phpMyAdmin create a DB
Using CPANEL create a DB(mySQL databases)

your life will become very easier if you just type


At installation time it will asks you to enter DB name, DB user name, DB password..

Fill all the details, default host is localhost

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