Hey guys,
Can someone please take a stab explaining PHP!!! I upload files through dreamweaver and get a huge mess.

How does it work?
What makes it better or worse?

I'm not completely code illiterate, I've worked in c++, java, I know basics in HTML and some actionscript as well. Any help or point in a good direction would help.


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How are you using the PHP files in Joomla? Joomla requires your php files to be structured into components, or modules, or plugins...

Are you asking how to use the php files with Joomla, or just php in general?



Well I'm kinda asking to work specifically with Joomla, but I dont understand how php works


Well I'm kinda asking to work specifically with Joomla, but I dont understand how php works

Well, I'd recommend you try and figure out php first then delve into Joomla's PHP API.

With PHP, you best resource is none other than http://php.net
You can also download the php documentation, http://www.php.net/docs.php, it covers about everything from installing, to usage and functions reference.

Heres the online view of the docs in English:

The getting started section is probably what you're looking for:


In joomla you cannot add php through the content editor, or anything like that. (There are some extensions to do this though).

To add a set of php files, the easiest thing to do is create a component. This allows you to add set of php files, whose output will show in the "mainbody" of Joomla.

Heres the developers wiki, take a look at the tutorials.


thanks because of this thread i can use php code in my joomla site. thank you very much.i hope there are no problems in my installation.

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