Hello again,

After my previous post I have tried to convert all my jQuery into JavaScript with success. UNTIL I looked at it in Internet Explorer and again it threw a wobly and is now having a go at my --.style.display='block' 's. It says that it is not a function.

So please someone tell me how in the hell do you please internet explorer?

EVERY browser besides IE works fine so why oh why does IE do this?

Why don't microsoft take a leaf from Chrome, FF, Safari or Opera??? It makes no sense these are all very similar and display the desired results. However IE has to be fucking different and it has caused me a day of wasted work.

Please, please, please can someone help me with this I'm almost done with this now and I'm not far of quiting my career and working in sainsburys.


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Hello again, --.style.display='block' not a function.

Please show a few lines of the actual code.


as for compliant, or interoperability,,, MS don't care
Windows has 91% of pcs
IE has 75% of the market
IE is the standard,
no matter what any consortium decides,

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