Hi. I know my description wasn't good but let me try to explain what I want to do.

I have two tables on a page, both are inside of iframes (because i need scrolling) table one is filled with day, date, story, and chapter info for a set of stories. I want to be able to click on a row in that table and bring up a spoiler for that chapter in table two. the spoiler info is in the DB in the same line as the rest of the info that goes with it. Is what I am trying to do even possible? Please help. I don't mind hard work and lots of googling but I haven't been able to really find anything that is leading me in the right direction.
Thanks a LOT for your time.

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Okay, I can explain a lot here and write a tutorial, but the shortest method would be.... (I sometimes use it. use it as a base and rather write your own)

Google for Highslide. Download the package. it has pretty functions for images, but it has funtions for getting data and html pages too. As well as AJAX functions. No, all you do is, create a new page with the desired layout and data. Then, using highslide's html function, simply just call and display that page. Its really simple and easy, and not a lot of coding needed. let me know when you got it working.

URL for highslide is http://highslide.com/

note - you can use ajax or anything else, i just recommended highslide to get you starting.


im not sure if thats gonna work for me..i mean ill dl and try it but i dunno. like i sed i have one table filled with info pulled from a mysql db usin php...i need to click on a row in that table to show the corresponding spoiler text in another table which, cause im using iframes is on a different html page.

and excuse me if i might sem kinda uhhh..thick sometimes but im only 15 and alot of this is way new to me
thanks again!


you can also use div values to achieve this. google for w3 schools and focus on CSS, cause using the invisible property in a div tag, might do too


If you want a lightbox/popup - check out jquery. Also, you can search for javascript tooltips - possible that you don't need a full popup. Forget iframes - no need. You can set up a div with set dimensionsand overflow set to scroll/auto or whatever - experiment.

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