I need your help DP Friends

I need to create a script which can accept the contents post to it via email and able to store that in a DB Permanently and able to display that in a php page
The individual email sent to it must display as a single article and also it much able to produce a valid rss feed for that page

Can any one help me how to create this

Thanks in advance!!!

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I usually start by typing some code.

I am beginner in PHP so only asked your help!


I am beginner in PHP so only asked your help!

Fine! What SPECIFICALLY do you need help with?
If you don't know where to start, perhaps this project is a bit too ambitious for you at this time? Take some time to learn the basics of PHP before you try to do something that is "over your head". It will only frustrate you.
Pulling code snippets from here and there will result in "Frankenstein code" which won't work unless you know how the pieces fit together and why.

Just some friendly advise from another impatient person...


@JRM - how dare you!

This guy is only demanding help. You must help him "Dude". If I were you, I'd drop everything and start coding him a solution - and be quick about it, I don't think he likes to be kept waiting.

Jeez - where do these guys come from?


Read the announcements/guidelines - you must show some effort yourself before seeking help. Just a suggestion - stop using !!! all over the place - it annoys the hell out of people.

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@ardav: Thank you if you anyone know please drop a solution for it :)


No. You just don't get it do you? *sigh*


First you should know how to

i) Execute from your localhost
i) Pass variables between your php files
ii) PHP Mail function

Go thru some samples and come here with some efforts of code which is not working for you. that will help you a lot. For your query we don't know how to give the soluton? or Just give some information what you know in PHP?

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Here is beautifully simplified solution but it is "either or". I mean either you persevere and resolve your problem or you are out :)
Here it goes:
learn quickly PHP via this link
Learn MySQL via this one
Come back and use this information to solve your problem
If you hit a wall here is the right place to go

Those are some good tutorials you posted there.


Sadly, the OP will never read them. He is looking for someone to do it for him...for free!


By your original post, I thought you wanted to process e-mails SENT to your machine, not to RETRIEVE them from gmail.

BTW, For a guy who lives in India, you are very good at American slang, like "Nope" and "Dude".
Why is that? You're not one of those "specially trained" telemarketers who try to mimic American accents and the like, are you? I feel like the phone scam is even worse when they try that!

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