wo, is there a way to create subdomains only through a php file ?

like create a function call createsubdomain($username) or something?

that would really be helpful in the sense that as soon as a user registers himself on a website, he gets to access hisname.thewebsite.com to access his full profile

thanks for replues


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If your webhost allows you to create subdomains through an API, then you can make a php function to execute it.

Or you can use wildcard sub-domain and process the name in php

API and wildcards, hmmm ok
any idea where i need to program on an API, what's the API's name, etc..

i was thinking of a tutorial that would explain how to create subdmains with php;

as for the subdomains, from ipage, i have unlimited amount of subdomains i think, but i'll ask through their chat helpdesk

Quite possible there is a tutorial, but you should know first which method is required (which depends on your host). When you know, you can search for a tutorial.

i'll probably get back to this tomorrow, once i ask my host about that

thanks meanwhile

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