Hey guys. I have this problem with a page I am developing. Check the links on the left hand side of this page: http://pi.dynalias.net:4092/

As soon as I say move from Register to FAQ you can see the links on the left shift a few pixels to the right. The Register page obviously calls for php code to be executed and the FAQ page doesn't. So I realized that every page that's generated by some php code automatically resizes the cells.

How can I fix this?

PS: For the main home page you see when you open the URL I put the image in a absolute div table so that it doesn't resize the cells. But now it flows over the borders of my background on some browsers.


The column alignment is being done in the browser based on the generated html and doesn't have anything directly to do with the PHP on the server. The PHP would only matter if it was generating different html for one page versus another. It is more likely that the browser is attempting to align columns based on the content of the body of the page. You need to work on your html to figure out how to make the column sizes fixed.