I'm doing my project in asp .net(vb .net coding).
Its about Disambiguate Doctor's profile
I want to display the data without any redundancy...
I have to take a particular field from my table and compare stringsCan Anyone guide me Thanks in advance:S

show us what exactly u tried so far..?

or comparing string would be an easy case..

bool check = youString.equals(theStringYouWannaCompare);

if(YourString == TheStringYouWannaCompare)


Sorry I dnt Know for that only i tried only little bit.
If string.compare(Str,Str2,true) then
msgbox("Ur Correct")
msgbox("Not Correct")
But i dnt want to know this one.
I want to know how to get particular field from table.
For ex if the person named smith is 5 times in my table then i have to check whether the 5 smith are same person or different one.
for this i want to compare the string ,take the smith from table as default and by using (lastname)smith.

Fields in my table are lastname,firstname,address etc...
I take lastname and check whether there is only one person are more than one...
if lastname is more than one time it will be shown in multiple line textbox.
By using lastname i have to compare with another field like firstname.

for this i used
y as datareader
and compare but its not working.
Can u tell me some idea how to get particular field from table to compare