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I dont have any basic knowledge in servlet program in java.Now i am using Redhat os.
Please any one tell some steps how to execute the servlet program.

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you have to install some Web container such as Tomcat and define your servlet class in a Deployment discriptor (web.xml) of your application. Your servlet will be executed when a user enters the appropriate URL in the browser as defined in your <servlet-mapping> tag in the DD

But if you do not have any knowledge in servlet programming - you should first take some tutorial because Servlet programming actually requires much more than this !

i think so the best source for running the servlet is the netbeans.Using tomcat is just a waste of time.NetBeans will help u build servlet faster and in an easier way.

Netbeans is not a web container, it is an IDE ! you still need to have Tomcat / Glassfish / JBoss or something else installed . . . .

I again suggest to take a tutorial first

using netbeans is safer because tomcat will use lot time to build a servlet.using netbeans u have to only create a html file and a servlet file which is very easy to build and run and there is no waste of time.and yes once netbeans is installed you dont have to insatll tomcat or any other software to run servlet.

Thanks to all .I installed tomcat in my system successfully and executed the sample servlet program.In feature i will surely try netbeans.

Thanks to all.