Hi, this it's my problem. I have a textBox and a label. In the textbox an email address should be written. Then, when you click the label a inline popUp appears (this one to be more specific:http://orangoo.com/labs/GreyBox/ )

The thing is that I have to send the email address to that popUp, I can't (I think) use javascript's window.open as the popUp will no have the effect I'm looking for.

Please, any alternative to send the email address to the popup and keep that effect it's going to be very appreciate.

Best Regards, and sorry for my bad enlgish

can't you use Ajax ModelPopupExtender control ?

Hi, thank both of you for your replys,

DNANETWORK: those effects are very cool. I saved that address to use the "image inline pop Up" in short time.
ROHAND: I'll reserch some of that the next time as I'm trying to learn some AJAX features.

For now, I solve the problem writting a new constructor on the .js file I downloaded.

If some one need it in the future, please ask here or send me a private message, I will be more than happy to help you.

Again, thanks for your replys.

Best regards,