Hi all! im new here, this is my first post :lol: lol

anyway, i have a php script, but im having trouble setting it up.. can somone help me with it??

Thanks for any help

it the PHP script running on an Apache Server or linux based??

do you get an error??

thanks for the quick reply.. im not very good with php.. i uploaded the files onto the server, but i dont know how to set it up..

sorry if i sound stupid..

there needs to be no set up if it's on a linux server... do you know who is hosting it (Linux or Windows Server) and if it's running Apache Web?
That is all that needs to be done, then you simply upload the file.

After i uploaded it i tried opening it.. but all it did was try to download the php file...

Im not sure what server it is.. how do i know?

If it tried to download it means one this, it's not processing. Therefore, it's either running Windows that doesn't run PHP, or it runs Linux and PHP is not enabled. You have to contact the host. Who is the host??

well, i am using geocities.com ( a free host) just now until i get the site to work, but i will get a .net adress soon... i tried freewebs.com when i open the `install.php┬┤ file there it opens on a webpage but only displays the source code although i havent uploaded all the files onto my freewebs account yet

As far as I know, geo does not offer PHP or other scripting languages. Your best bet is to pay into a host that offers PHP. Usually, free host wont allow server side scripting.

here's a few options:

www.cscweb.net (excellent PHP support)

thanks for the help, i had a look at those sites, they look good. im gonna get a proper host that supports php, unfortunatly i dont have a credit card, im looking for one that accepts paypal, do u know any?

Did you find a solution yet?

I host most of my websites at lunarpages.com and they take paypal. It is a good hosting company.

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