I need to add link into echo phrase, and the 'Title' that is defined by the uploader, appear on the page. Can anyone help me about that subject.

//Outputs the image and other data
Echo "< =./file/".$info ."> <br>";
Echo "<b>Title :</b> ".$info . "<br> ";
Echo "<b>Description :</b> ".$info . " <br>";
Echo "<b>Lecturer :</b> ".$info . " <hr>";

The red one is the link address
The green one is the title appears on the page.

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I'm not sure if this is what you mean.

Echo "<a href='../file/<?php echo $info['file'] ?>'><br>";
Echo "<b>Title: </b><?php echo $info['title'] ?></a><br>";
commented: keeping it simple, simple==good if the op can't follow that, there's no hope for them +4

echo "<a href='../file/".$info."'>LINK</a>";

That's how link is written in ECHO statement.

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