I'm developing drupal 6.15 version. and I'm new for PHP and now i need to develop my web applications with usual databases commands like insert,delete, update,save functions. after at all creted documents make into details invoice report. like PDF format.

Is there any possibility to create the above requirements in drupal. if say so., pls give the instructions for how can i achieve it. Pls enlighten me. i don't have any other knowledge in PHP. but if you give some instructions like how to create that it means., then i can follow it and enabled very easily. because again I'm also fresher in PHP.

Please Guys Anyone could known that issue pls let me soon. I'm in critical situation.

Thanks & regards,


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Try drupal website, pdflib, php manual (online and downloadable). If you want to mess with code, you'd better learn the language. Using stock phrases (snippets and scripts) will only get you so far. You'll get found out pretty quickly when things don't work properly.

Learning php - months/years - unless you're already an experienced programmer
Using ready made scripts - a few hours
Debugging a ready made script if you have no understanding of php - seconds to infinity

This forum is here to help with code, not do your Google searches for you. If this is critical - how so? Did you leave something to the last minute? Did you tell a client/friend you could do something when you couldn't?

Sorry if I sound rude, but you're not going to get very far this way.

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