how to open datalist containing multiple images on click on link button in selectedIndexChanged

protected void SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        dlEvntImages.Visible = true;
        BLL_NewsAndEvents objNE = new BLL_NewsAndEvents();
        objNE.title = dlEvents.DataKeys[dlEvents.SelectedIndex].ToString();
        if (objNE.tests)
            DataList dllEvntImages = (DataList)FindControl("dlEvntImages");
            //Label lblMsg1 = (Label)FindControl("lblMsg");
            Label lblMsg1 = (Label)dllEvntImages.FindControl("lblMsg");
            Label lblId1 = (Label)dllEvntImages.FindControl("lblId");
            Label lblKey1 = (Label)dllEvntImages.FindControl("lblKey");
            Image evntImage1 = (Image)dllEvntImages.FindControl("evntImage");
            //lblMsg1.Visible = true;
            lblId1.Text = objNE.Id.ToString();
            lblKey1.Text = objNE.Key.ToString();
            lblMsg1.Text = objNE.imgDesc.ToString();
            evntImage1.ImageUrl = "~/ASHX/viewEvntImageHandler.ashx?Id=" + lblId1.Text + "&Key=" + lblKey1.Text;


linkbutton is in a datalist.when i click on the link button another datalist should open containing the images

You need to handle ItemCommand event of DataList.

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