I'm trying to use php to validate my form. I would like to validate a product_name box for being not empty, a price box for being numeric and having a decimal, and a quantity box for being an integer. Right now I'm getting an error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\Program Files\IndigoPerl\apache\htdocs\process_games.php on line 60

I don't think I have how the price is validated correct either, how would I include the decimal point? I'm not sure if the way I have the code that the information will still be added to the DB if the error message for the price & quantity comes up. Maybe I should nest them with the product name?


echo '<html>
<head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css" />
<title>Uploading image and adding game to database...</title>
<h3>Uploading file...</h3>';

if ($_FILES['filename']['error'] > 0)
	echo 'Problem: ';
    	switch ($_FILES['filename']['error'])
      		case 1:  echo 'File exceeded upload_max_filesize';  break;
      		case 2:  echo 'File exceeded max_file_size';  break;
      		case 3:  echo 'File only partially uploaded';  break;
      		case 4:  echo 'No file uploaded';  break;

// put the file where we'd like it
$upfile = './images/'.$_FILES['filename']['name'];

if (is_uploaded_file($_FILES['filename']['tmp_name']))
     	if (!move_uploaded_file($_FILES['filename']['tmp_name'], $upfile))
        	echo 'Problem: Could not move file to destination directory';
    	echo 'Problem: Possible file upload attack. Filename: ';
    	echo $_FILES['filename']['name'];

echo '<p>File uploaded successfully<br><br>';

if (isset($_POST['description'])) {
	$description = $_POST['description'];
} else {
        $description = $_FILES['filename']['name'];

// show what was uploaded
echo '<p>Preview of uploaded file:<br><hr>';
echo "<a href='$upfile'>$description</a>";
echo '<br><hr>';
echo '</body></html>';

$imagename = $description;

// Set up the database connection.
require_once ('mysqli_connect.php');

if (! preg_match('/^-?\d+$/'$_POST['price'])) {
    print 'Price must be a number.';
if (! preg_match('/^-?\d+$/'$_POST['quantity'])) {
    print 'Quantity must be an integer.';

	if (!empty($_POST['product_name'])
			// add new sandwich
			$product_name = $_POST['product_name];
			$quantity = $_POST['quantity'];
			$price = $_POST['price'];
			$systemid = $_POST[systemid];
			$genreid = $_POST[genreid];
			$conditionid = $_POST[conditionid];

			$query = "INSERT INTO products (productName, quanity, price, image_name, systemid, genreid, conditionid)
								   VALUES ('$product_name', '$quantity', '$price', $imagename, $systemid, $genreid, $conditionid)";

			$result = mysqli_query ($dbc, $query);
			$productid = mysqli_insert_id($dbc);

			echo '<p>Error - All fields are required!</p>';
		echo 'Productid: ' . $productid . ' ' . ' Game Name: ' . $product_name . ' ' . ' Image Name: ' .
		$imagename . ' Quantity: ' . $quantity . ' Price: ' . $price . '<br>';

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You are missing a comma in line 60:

if (! preg_match('/^-?\d+$/',$_POST))

also php's is_numeric function should work just fine for checking if the number is numeric. For example change line 60 with:

if(!is_numeric($_POST) {

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