Hey Everyone,

I know how to right a php script to send out an email. But I want to write a script that will send out an email at a certain time, The crux is, I need the email to be sent out even if nobody is accessing the page that holds the script.

So ideally I would schedule a time for the email to be sent out.
And then, the email would be sent at that time.

Any suggestions?

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Hi stbtwitter,

Sounds like you want to set up a cron job. A cron job will run your PHP script at any interval that you set and can be set to indefinitely occur. If you have a web host with cPanel, you most probably will be able to set up your own cron jobs.

Please don't send spam emails. Hope this helps,


Use a php email sscript can do it?

Hi abeltenny0210,

Yep you can just write a normal PHP script that sends an email and then you set up a cron job in cPanel to run the script when you want.



Thanks everyone, No I am not sending spam, It is for a private social network

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