hello again!well...I'm developing a Content Management System and I have a form where the user write a text then i'll store this text in my database and i'll write it on a page using the "echo",I store the text with the html tags like: <p> blablabla</p>.but the user doesn't know html!can i add a special text field that replace the normal charachters into html characters?i mean,user will write normally but the textfield will add the html tags in the text! thanks in advance!

hi philip435 thanks for the asnwer!well.. i think there are some text editors that may do that!i want u to recomend me one! can u do that? is there any text editor that do that?

tinymce is easy to us, strongly recommend it!

yes! i heard about tinymce but never texted it! i want to know if i type:

it will convert into:

replacing automaticly the "enter" into </br> tag!
then i can save it on database
and when i retrive it i have already the formatted text! thanks!!

ohh man thanks a lot!!!!it works!

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