fellow developers...i am new to web development...I am developing a simple web application using Oracle for Weblogic Workshop with Weblogic 10Gr3 server.

However my deployment server is weblogic 7.1. When i deploy and run the app, i get the following error

Parsing of JSP File '/index.jsp' failed
/index.jsp(6): class 'xxx.xxx.xxxx' could not be loaded
probably occurred due to an error in /index.jsp line 6:
<jsp:useBean id="xxxx" scope="session" class="xxx.xxx.xxxx"/>

appreciate quick response...

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check that your class is in the WEB-INF/classes folder.

It is in the folder WEB-INF\classes..
I am doubting that this a problem caused because i am building the app for Weblogic 10GR3 and deploying in weblogic 7...is there somethign i need to take care while deploying to old version?

I think that is the problem then. what jdk are u using? I think if u use the same version then is should work, but for example if you are using a higher jdk on weblogic 10 it is definitely not going to work in weblogic 7

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