Hello Friend, This is the question what i have....

I am use main aspx page call A.aspx... In that page There are links available..
Those link click event call to javascript function...That function include following codes

function moreWindow2(id){
            return false;

link pass the id to the js function like that

<a href='moreWindow2(2)' >click of Ajax</a>
<a href='moreWindow2(3)' >click of Jquary</a>

And when I click Link , new window(B.aspx) open according to ID what i am pass to the function

My Question is...

At first time click some link,the new window[[B]B.aspx[/B]] is open in front of the
A.aspx main window...Then I click A.aspx window. I is come to in front B.aspx...Then I again click Anoter link in A.aspx page Always B.aspx window open behind The A.aspx window...There For B.aspx window is not see...

I want Open B.aspx window always in front to the A.aspx window...

How i do that... Please help me

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sorry second lonk code musy be like that

<a href='#'  onclick='moreWindow2(1)' >click for Ajax</a>
      <a href='#' onclicl ='moreWindow2(2)' >click for Jquary</a>
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