Google Maps Control in ASP.Net or something like that ...

well to get to the point directly ... what i am searching for is embedding Google Maps in my ASP.Net page, want to use the Direction feature that Google Map provides.
Now the problem is, although Google Map gives a lot of information about how to do it using JavaScript but i don't know any JavaScript :(

so far what i have searched for in the internet is , Using Ajax is the solution to create Google Maps control, am i in the right direction and any preferable links ?

PS: i don't know what AJAX is , gotta learn that too :p

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Please check/refer this article for google map control:

Google Map Control

Just follow procedure as explained and you are done. No Extra settings are required...

Hope it will help...


ummm, yes Thankyou i did find that out while searching for Google map control but i was more interested in finding out how to actually 'Create' one for learning basis :s
The source code isn't helping me out much there :s

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