Hi, I've got a DropDown list which is populated here.

with the use of a break in the code there is a value of 4 for shippingInfo.ShippingID.ToString()

if (addressOK) //&& cardOK
            int shippingRegionId = int.Parse(Profile.ShippingRegion);
            List<ShippingInfo> shippingInfoData =
            foreach (ShippingInfo shippingInfo in shippingInfoData)
                    new ListItem(shippingInfo.ShippingType,
            shippingSelection.SelectedIndex = 0;

then when the checkout button is selected here:

protected void placeOrderButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            // store the total amount
        decimal amount = ShoppingCartAccess.GetTotalAmount();
            // get shippingId or default to 0
        int shippingId = 0;
        int.TryParse(shippingSelection.SelectedValue, out shippingId);
        string shippingRegion =
            (HttpContext.Current.Profile as ProfileCommon).ShippingRegion;
        int taxId;
        switch (shippingRegion)
            case "2":
                taxId = 1;
                taxId = 2;
            // create the order and store the order id
        string orderId =
            ShoppingCartAccess.CreateCommerceLibOrder(shippingId, taxId);
        OrderProcessor processor = new OrderProcessor(orderId);

with the use of a breakpoint the shippingId is 0 although a selection is made. Therefore I get an error

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_Orders_Shipping". The conflict occurred in database "firebyte", table "dbo.Shipping", column 'ShippingID'.

i had a similar problem with a drop down list. My problem was if the user didn't change the ddl it didn't return any values, although the ddl was propperly populated
I used something like

if(shippingSelection.SelectedValue != 0)
shippingId = shippingSelection.SelectedItem.Value;
shippingId = 1; //or whatever value a user might use most frequently

I know its not at all elegant but it worked for me when i needed a quick fix

Hi ious,

thanks for the code but unfortunatily it didn't solve the problem

check if shippingSelection.SelectedValue is actually an integer
If it's not it's gonna pass it with the initial value.
if you put a int.Parse(shippingSelection.SelectedValue) my guess is that you're gonna have "Input string was not in a correct format"

I just removed

shippingSelection.SelectedIndex = 0;

now it works, I think it was changing the DropDown to 0 the entire time.