Hi everyone,

I am new to php and currently i am trying to modify a word / text in a PDF file.

For example, i would like to replace a specific word / text [knowledge] in a PDF file with friends.

e.g. I have a wide range of [Knowlege].
I have a wide range of friends.

How do i locate the word / text and replace it with other word(s). Please Help.


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Hi, you may know that PDF is un-editable unless you have adobe acrobat or Foxit Editor. Though you can edit PDF text or replace some words using Acorbat, it is expensive and not easy to use. You can find this resouce on Adobe Website.

For me, I would like to edit PDF in Word, because I think edit contents in Word Process is more convenient than in Acrobat. Besides, there are many free applications I can take for reference. Anyway, I have ever found an article to show you how to edit PDF text, maybe you can take it for reference.

If you want to use Jave Script or C++ to make it, I would feel helpless.

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