we've got an issue on our new test site that i'd like you to be able to solve;

we have product pages; example page:

there is a selection of menus on the screen that you can change select different options to show you a price.

issue is as follows; i want to be able to create url's for every product in the database for google adword purposes; for example if they click on the google ad they come direct to the page/selection from the table/drop downs that is what they want. currently we have got as far as creating the below link;


this link will take you to the product, but the drop downs from the menus haven't changed, just the price and the quantity.

i need to know of a way of selecting from the database and it be able to change the drop downs from a specific url.

our problem is we need to populate a select option in order of the one we send.


hope that makes sense!

Ok I think im getting you. By default you already have all the information saved within your db im assuming.

So why don't you try something long these lines;


$recordId = $_GET['id'];

$query="SELECT * FROM products WHERE id='$recordId'";

	while ($i < $num) {


	if ( empty($f1) ) $f1 = "";


<select id="item3" name="item3" value="<?php echo $f1; ?>">
    <option value="'170gsm matt'">170gsm matt</option>
    <option value="'150gsm gloss'">150gsm gloss</option>
    <option value="'130gsm gloss'">130gsm gloss</option>
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