Hallo guys,

I want to first start by saying, that I`m fully aware the question I`m about to ask, has certainly already been posted some thousand times. I`ve looked through some of the posts, but non of them was quite like my case (or I just didn`t stumbled upon any) .

Maybe I should first try to explain what my difficulty is:
I`m working on a project for my studies. I want to build a small platform, where people can create accounts and put in what there abilities are. Possible employers then look for appropriate features etc.

I have one HTML document so far, which contains 3 forms,put one under the other:
1. First form is User personal Information (name, age etc) submit button, that sends only that personal information to the DB.
2. In the second form beneath it, comes all the abilities information (area, skills, experience etc) submit button to send this info to DB
3.Third form - Contact section (telephone, e-mail,etc) + submit button for the DB

When the User first sends his personal info to the DB, an unique UserID-key is created. In order to put all the following information (abilities and contacts) to this one user, I need to extract this key from the DB and somehow globaly save it for the other forms to use it.

So my question:
How can I pass a variable from one JSP to another? / OR / How can I return a value from the DB back to the HTML that would be reused for the next forms ?

I am aware that I`m not doing this efficiently, even may be totally wrong. I`m still quite alien to browser-server communication and I`m trying to find my way somehow. So please spear me and I try to give me some directions, how can I overcome this problem.

I would be awfully greatfull for any help! Therefore I thank you in advance!

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