I have a multiview control with two views, with the first one loaded as default. On that form I have two textboxes which are both connected to a requiredfield control.
I also have one submit button control for the textfields, and a linkbutton control to show the second view in the multiview control form.

However, when I click the linkbutton to show the hidden view, the requiredfield control is fired, thus stopping me to show the second view until I put in some fake data in the texboxes connected to the requiredfield control, this is not the behaviour I want, I want the requiredfield control only be connected to the submit button of the form.

The required fields are txtUser and txtPassword,the submit button is called cmdLogin and the linkbutton is called lnkNotMember.

How do I accomplish this?


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Ohh..just solved it with CausesValidation="false" for that control

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