i am working with my college website..and i have added wysiwyg editor in the admin panel..but can anyone help that how to pass a file name so that it can be opened in the editor...

suppose i click on "edit news" in my admin panel..
then what code shall i write so that news.php can be opened in the wysiwyg editor...

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For the admin panel, you should use a code editor, not a wysiwyg editor, as you can not use bold text in a script, it is just plain text. But anyway, most wysiwyg editors are an extension of a textarea, and can be accessed like every form element. Please note: most wysiwyg editors have different modes, e.g. plaintext, html. The value of the textarea depends on what is the mode.


This is what you see when you write in the textarea:

Blue is the best color.

And the value of the textarea can be:

Blue is the best color.


Blue is the <b>best</b> <u>color</u>.

Depending on the mode, you should check out NicEdit, it is a very good wysiwyg editor: http://nicedit.com/


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