I want to prevent multiple user login for same user in asp.net.. How can I achieve. Note: I want to control without database concepts

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Write an algorithm in pseudo code form for the following problem and also draw a Flow chart for the same problem statement (5+5)

There is a multinational company. In the company, there are deductions from the salary of the employee according to following rules:
i) If salary is less than 10,000 then no tax deduction and 4% of salary will be deducted as Well-fare fund every month.
ii) If salary is more than 10,000 and less than 20,000 then 3% of salary as tax deduction and 6% of remaining salary as employee well-fare fund will be deducted every month.

iii) If salary is equal to or more than 20,000 then 5 % of the salary as tax deduction and 8% of remaining salary as employee well-fare fund will be deducted every month .

Take salary input from user and after appropriate deduction show the net payable amount for month.
Using Loop structure calculate the total salary; paid tax and well fare fund of that particular employee for two years and display these values at end.

why without database? i assuming database approach will be the best one. just put a flag like "IsLogin" and its session information to a table then that's it. just need to check it everytime a user tries to login.

for non-db approach i think you need to check it via log (or text file) to ses who's already been login..

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