I am new to PHP.I want to include this outing management in my Hostel mgmt. application. A student request to stay out of hostel to the warden - also the administrator. The request is called "outing request". The warden can either accept or reject it. if the warden accepts it, a message is sent to the Gate keeper. Else, the student gets a request rejected message.

Also there are a fixed number of outings allowed per month.

Plz suggest me an elegant solution and/or valid script to implement this.

P.S. I am also new to Daniweb .. if I have broken any rule, plz don't mind.

It's not so easy to explain in words , I think, but don't worry it's quite easy to solve in PHP. You have to decide wether you want to use a database like MySQL or not. It's not really necessary, but can make changes to the code easier in the future.

I personally would prefer the database. And I would create just one tables for all position an order can be. But again this is no need.

Try to do it like this:
Create a table with the following columns: ID, Position, Student, Rejected or something like that. Now when a student wants to leave (student.php), you store a new row in the database with the information about the student and set the position to 'warden'.
In 'warden.php', or whatever, you simply output all columns that have the position 'warden'. If the warden accepts it you update the position to 'keeper'. If not, than the field 'Rejected' is set. The same is to be done for the keeper.
In 'student.php' you fetch all rows that are posted by that specific student. You can show the author, at which position the request currently is and if the request was rejected.

I wouldn't do anything special with the administration. If the administrator logs in he/she can simply read all entries.

That should give you a good start for your project. If you still have questions than feel free to ask. If you have problems with the PHP-syntax than don't mind posting the code here and ask for help.

Greetings Simon

Thank you for the prompt reply ! The solution look simple and effective. Let me try it.