Hi, I´m new in forum.

Im trying to change one project made in Oracle Forms/Rerports to CFML.

I did somethings in CFML in 2003 and now I will return to it because I need time and dont want type lines of code.

I have installed Railo and Eclipse and now I will need a reporting tool (open source , free,...)

Can you tell me what reporting tool would be better to do that ?

My reports will be much complex.


Not sure what you're asking for here. Railo is free and open-source, as is Eclipse. You can use Railo/Eclipse/CFML to create reports for free...

What exactly are you asking for?

There are some reporting tools to report development .
I need to know the best tool to create complex reports.
But I need someone that is free, as IReports, ReportBuilder, BIRT,...

Thank you.
There is one project called asReports , but the last update was in 6/4/07 .