It simply wont forward my page!
I`ve tried everything, and it still wont forward it.

Basically what I have is a register.html where the user can put his username, passwort, etc. , a db_register.jsp which handles the input and sends it to the appropriate tables in the db.

When the user clicks on the button "register!" the html form uses the jsp, which is a blank html page with all the <% jsp-instructions %>

So I first tried to put the following at the end of the register.jsp:

         < jsp:forward page="/myProfile.html" >
	 <jsp:param name="username" value=username /> 
	 <jsp:param pass="pass" value=password/>

Then I put it in the register.hmtl.


This is such a simple thing, and I`m trying to work it out for the whole day!!!!
Please help me before it is too late :( ! :(

Thank you in advance !

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Have you declared the variables username, password?
Perhaps you need to show more code.
Also the above code is html code, not a scriplet. Does it compile.

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