Hello every one. I am developing an application using AJAX and CSS. I have a webpage in which i have some hyperlinks. I want that when ever some one move the cursor on some link, than mini preview should be loaded before clicking. I have done that but problem is that i want just the ist paragraph of the target webpage not the whole page. I dont want images in my preview window.
Pls help

Create a param that you send to the server code which specifies that your are requesting a preview. That way you don't have to waste time on the client side parsing text and you are sure to get exactly what you want.

Not getting you. can u make it easy

How are you making your ajax call? Are you using just javascript or a framework such as jQuery (I would recommend sticking to pure javascript until you get the basics down). Is the content that your links go to your content or someone else's? Are you rendering straight html pages (ie. your link goes someplace that is page.htm(l))? Or do you use some server side language to render your html content (such as perl,php,java, c#, etc). Are you using an iFrame to show the content or are you pushing the contents in to a div? Can you give me a little more info and I will expand on what I was trying to say before as my answer (and anyone else's) will depend upon how you are displaying your preview (a little code would be ok too to show how you are displaying your preview).