Below is my textarea class. I want to make it please.

I have the same problem with my drop down boxes (that post is still unanswered)

class Textarea extends TextBox
        private $rows;
        private $cols;
        private $sub_head;

        function __construct($n,$d=NULL)

        function setHeight($h)

        function setWidth($w)

             function setSubHead($sh)

           function tooString()
		$text="<tr><tr><td colspan='3'><b>".$this->sub_head."</b></td></tr>
				<td colspan='4'><textarea name='".$this->name."' rows='".$this->rows."' cols='".$this->cols."'";

		//The problem lies in the code below...I suppose


		return $text;

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waddaya mean? Sticky as in stuck in the same position on the screen?

If so use CSS 'position: fixed', otherwise explain further.

I don't get the table thing. Can't you use CSS?

I'm not going to try and dissect your code, but:


looks like it should be:


With sticky I meant that when the form reloads because there was an error (eg. user left out some fields), the text that he inserted into the text-area should be inserted into the text-area automatically so that he does not have to type the whole thing over again.

hahaha lol you mean repopulate
btw i dont understand this line of code


where did you get the $this->isSticky ????
can u remove it? instead


The isSticky is a function I wrote in my textbox class and set to TRUe.

Still not working though...

PS: "Sticky" is how I learnt it! hahahahaha

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I think it may be due to the fact that textareas don't use the 'value' attribute - they have content not 'values'. Input tags like textboxes use the 'value' attribute to store data:

<input type="text" value="hello" ... />
<textarea ...>hello</textarea>


ok thanx.

I will write a class for textarea that does not extend from textbox

data from textarea can be get by value even if it doesn't have a value attribute