Hi guys,

So I have a little project that I need to get done which I honestly don't exactly know how to approach.
The task is. There is a website, cars.com and there you can enter in search field of used cars the zip code that you need for all models to find out how many cars are in that area. I have a list of zip codes kept in text file. What I have to do is to one by one, get zip code, enter it in the search field and then from a new page that opens, read result and record it in the excel table.
It sounds very easy algorithm to me.
Open file
Copy first zip code
Open browser
Open address cars.com
Enter copied zip code
Hit search button
Copy amount of results
Export date, zip code and amount of result into three different columns into excel

The problem that I have is that I don't know in what language I should write it because this is the first time I am dealing with post request type of programs and never dealt with web.

If you could give me pointers about what should it be written in(I assume php) and details that you think would help me, I will be very grateful to you!

You know this is against the ToS of cars.com ?


thx for reply but you spent all that time reading their ToS when I gave that website as an example of what I approximately I will need

No, I did not read all of it, I knew it was there. If you are going to use PHP you may need to read up on curl and file_get_contents.