Hey guys I am very new to this forum. I have quite a bit of experience with html, css and php. I was looking for a tutorial or some code examples for making a forum. I have a style I will use but I need to know the code for people going onto the forum and posting like this. Also another example is facebook I wouldn't mind something like that but a lot less complex. After I get the base I can work up to what I want.

Cheers Grant

How about starting with making a login script? I usually start with the very basic, how I start (I'm the maker of a blog engine not yet released) is create a database with EVERYTHING you'll need. You'll want to get out paper and write down exactly how you want your forum to function (otherwise it could be a much larger problem when you run into small bumps later on) and then write out how the database needs setup. Then create and populate the database with some dummy entries (fake posts and comments, even before you have the functionality to post and comment, heck.. before you can do anything on the site) Then start pulling data from the database.

Once your site can successfully pull data and display it correctly from the database, start adding functionality for commenting and posting and such.

Don't expect anyone to give you an exact tutorial, this is a huge project, please take the time and do it one step at a time.

I have a working login, register, and members page, logout also. I know about the sessions that I will need for it, i just need to know the code for the submit post to the database back to the webpage like this one.

Just use mysql queries to get data, ie: SELECT * FROM database and to post data just use forms with post codes to submit more queries like: INSERT INTO database (value1,value2) VALUES ('value1','value2');

Just by asking that question I know you can't be that experienced in this, please go read some tutorials for mysql queries first (creating queries to get and insert data) then read some tutorials about using php with mysql.

The basic mysql php query execution command is:

$query="mysql query here ";
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