Hello I'm new also with the php programming language i tried to put this code. I wanted to happen is when it submit it will email to me the name of the user.

$alert = $user->get('username');

if (isset($_POST['continue'])){
mail("waren@unicondouglas.com","User Login",$alert);


<form name="frm" action="http://enpekei.com/products/index.php?option=com_igallery&view=category&id=0&Itemid=57" method="post">
Good Day! <?php echo $user->get('username'); ?><br><br>

You are now log on. Please click continue to see our products.<br/><br/>
<input type="submit" name="continue" value="Continue" />

i hope you set-up correctly the php.ini for the mail function to work

I hope ur problem is that you would like to get the username by mail while uiser trying to sign in .
Pls put your mail script where you wrote the login validation script and only exceute the mail script if it successfull login

thank you so much i have now resolve this problem, thanks for your help and to the owner of this site thank you.