I tried to login in my website with a new account after logging out from previous account but when it login in the previous account only.
even after logout the previous account is showing.
I don't know what is the problem please let me know...thanks

Posting some code might help...

Most likely not clearing Sessions or Cookies, but possibly something else.


I expect the server has you logged in under the new account, but some sort of caching is preventing you from seeing the new login status. You could try :

  1. Close browser window, open a new one and try again
  2. Delete "temporaroy internet files" cookies (will also kill auto logins to other sites)
  3. Delete "temporaroy internet files" files (no serious consequences - oft-visited pages amy be a bit slower for a while - it will fill up again).

It's possible that your website needs to include measures to prevent cacheing - Google "meta pragma" for explanations/suggestions.


delete your history and cookies and then try. also check is your session is destroying properly?