Hi i'm developing a web application that uses an arduino board that sends data to pachube.com and i extract that data from pachube as a csv to a php script then i explode it and put a value in a database....this all works great but what i'm asking is do i need a browser window open 24/7 on the php file for the script to work?

Can i just start xampp as a service and say, run the php file every minute?

Would i need some sort of batch file or cmd prompt code?


I had this problem when making a search engine. The best solution is to make it run for a long period (say 8 minutes) and to schedule a cron job every 10 minutes. That way after 8 minutes your script will stop running then the server has 2 minutes of relaxation then at 10 minutes the script runs again continuing where it stoped. How to do this? There is a nice piece of software called cron. It allows you to schedule tasks which the computer starts for you one programmed in. In cpanel this is standard but on windows specialist software will need to be downloaded and/or purchased.