Hi folks,

I have a tiny blog script that is just for personal use. It works fine. I was wondering if it was possible to post entries to this blog via email so I started looking at email parsers. The ones available for purchase are far too overpriced for my needs and none of the free scripts I have found are able to retrieve data from an email account (they can only process files stored on my server).

Does anyone know of any free email parsers that can retrieve data from an email account or any other way I can get the body of an email and store it in a MySQL database?


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Hi shubhamjain1,

Thanks for the reply. The class you suggested was actually one of the ones I tested, and it can only parse files stored on the server.
BUT . . .
I had a play around with the example file (as it doesn't work as it comes) and I realised I can do the same thing, or at least as much as I need with a simple stristr() command.
This still leaves me with the problem of getting hold of the email data in the first place, but as my webhost also supplies my email services, I'm sure I can find the email files somewhere! :)

Thanks again.

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