Hi, I've looked around and cannot find an answer to this. I want every email that comes in to a certain email address to get stripped of everything but the subject and email address and get stored into a MySQL database. First, is this possible? If so, how? If someone has an answer, awesome. Or I would appreciate the correct phrasing to perform an internet search on my own. I'm not sure how to phrase the question. "Grab" or "Extract"? I would guess that I would have to route all incoming mail through through the mail server, then processed through a script. Not sure.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!


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First of all you need email access information of accounts you want to grab.
It can be done using PHP IMAP.
Check this link
Once you have emails in php variables insert into your mysql database.
Hope this helps.

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Dead-on response to my needs!
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