Hi every body
I am anew web developer
and i have a problem in my project

i want to retrieve data from database by the checked checkboxes

by example of my project :
here is the print screen of the menu form :


i want to know when the user check some checkboxes ,how can i retrieve the checked checkboxes value from DB and Sum all values that the user has checked

You can only retrieve the value from the database once you have stored it there. The way your question is stated, it isn't clear if you are asking how to save the value or how to retrieve it.

The value of the checkbox (whatever you defined for the value if it was checked) will be a $_POST variable (assuming you use method=post on your form) in the module which is defined in the action for the form (default is the same module as the one that defines the form). You can access these in PHP (e.g. $a = $_POST ). You will need to define MySQL statements to write these values to database fields. Once they are in the database you can then read them back using a MySQL query.

All of this is straightforward html, php and mysql. If any of that isn't already familiar to you, then you probably need to do some tutorials or look up the info on the individual pieces as you go. W3C Schools is a good place to start: