Hello people!

I need a php application, client changed his mind in the middle, so I need it fast!

Please recomend, php code generators, tools, IDE's Frameworks, everything that is easy to learn and use. (I've already trying symfony but I find it complex to use)

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PHPmaker by e.world. You can find a limited demo version all over the web and it is the best, fast and secure php page generator I have found. I actually bought a copy and it has paid for its self many times over. Their latest version is 7.0.1 so be careful you get it when you download. 6.0.1 was pretty good and has some great tools but they really did some cool things in 7. It has the ability to connect to your MySQL database on the server directly (if you have remote access set up) or via a php page you move onto the server which connects you. The help manual is very well written and covers the simple to complex with good examples.

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