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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, but couldn't find a suitable forum.

Basically I'm making a website for a musician, and was contemplating using WordPress to allow him to be able to manage his own updates, as well as update his image gallery, new videos and gigs so that he doesn't have to pay someone to maintain it for him. Would wordpress be suitable for this? How is wordpress used in industry? Does the site author give the client full access to wordpress to allow them to manage their site? I'm just unsure how the development/maintenance cycle works in terms of client manageability. Any advice/tips is much appreciated.

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Yes, you can use Wordpress. Are you familiar with it?

If not, I'd suggest installing a few CMSs and seeing which you find suitable. Some good PHP ones are Drupal, Joomla, Symphony CMS etc. (It is better to spend time to test a few, rather then make the mistake that one is not suitable after you have put in a lot of effort)

What you give your client access to depends on the client. I'd ask them how much they want to be responsible for, and give them just enough to take care of that. Some clients are CMS experts and some do not know how to use the internet. If your client wants to just have a place to add new posts for instance, just give them a regular user login, and the link to the page to create new posts. If they want to manage the structure of the site, give them admin access, and show them how to do it if they don't know. Best thing is to ask your client.