So im trying to write a code within an iframe that will hide the address bars page address. Example:

http://example.com/ will be the ONLY thing in the address bar that shows regardless of page they are on. So if someone clicks to0 example.com/about.php it will only show example.com in the address bar.

Any solutions?

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So what is the issue? If you display another page within the iframe you are still on the original page and that address should still show in the address bar.


If you display about.php in the iframe (instead of linking to it) then I believe that the original page url will still be displayed in the address bar. If you link to about.php, then you are no longer using the iframe and the about.php address will be displayed in the address bar. Are you saying that it is being displayed in the iframe AND the about.php address is in the address bar? That isn't logical.

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